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Monday, March 14, 2005

Women cops suck ? So says "Neo-Con" Republican Columnist Michelle Malkin. We don't agree with Michelle...

Women cops suck
by John in DC - 3/14/2005 10:54:00 AM
Or so says GOP love child Michelle Malkin. Malkin, you'll recall, is the uber-popular conservative writer who thinks detentions camps for Japanese-Americans during WWII were really quite plush, and she thinks we ought to consider using them again for other nasty minorities we don't trust (can we start with conservative writers who hate themselves?)
In this case, Malkin is railing about female cops. Apparently they kill people because they're so incompetent. Well, at least that's the lesson Malkin says we should take from the recent murders in Atlanta. Malkin says the perp overpowered a female court guard and got her gun. So that means all women cops kill people through their incompetence. And she notes the AUDACITY of the authorities in Georgia to let a mere woman escort the perp now that he's in custody (see photo below).
So does Malkin think US female soldiers kill people too?
And a special note to all your female police officers, FBI agents and soldiers out there. Malkin is a darling of the GOP. This is what you voted for last fall if you voted GOP.
PS My favorite part of Malkin's entire post is the headline, check it out:
What's wrong with this picture? Oh, I don't know. Maybe that an Asian-American WOMAN could be so bigoted against Asians and women?
(Kudos to Atrios for spotting this story.)
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Monday March 14, 2005

Gender isn't an issue for Brown County's first woman patrol deputy
By Steve Nash -- Brownwood Bulletin
Lana Guthrie said some people are born knowing they want to be law enforcement officers. With others, it takes a little time.
Guthrie, who went to work as a Brown County Sheriff's deputy on Feb. 22, said she was in the latter category. Guthrie was working as a dispatcher in Fayette County when she realized she didn't want to do the sending but wanted to be the one being sent.
Guthrie became a patrol deputy, and later a criminal investigator for Fayette County, specializing in crimes against children and women.
"I loved it from the beginning," Guthrie, who is Brown County's first-ever female patrol deputy, said of being a law officer.
She and her husband, James, and a daughter moved to Brown County because of her husband's promotion with the Texas Parks and Wildlife in late 2003. James Guthrie is the major in charge of the region that includes Brown County.
Guthrie said her gender, or being the county's first female patrol deputy, isn't an issue. "It doesn't make any difference," she said. "In law enforcement, you kind of lose sight of the gender line."
Guthrie's first job for a sheriff's department was in Edwards County, where she worked as a jailer. Her next job was in Fayette County. As a dispatcher, she would pull child abuse referrals off the fax machine, and Guthrie believed that anyone who could make a difference in those cases should "step up to the plate."

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