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Friday, November 04, 2005

Brownwood Politicians, Pulpits & Pew Sitters: Proposition 2 trumps PTSD ?

Where have the Brownwood Pulpits & Pew Sitters been on PTSD issues facing our returning soldiers ?

We're the Brownwood Pulpits & Pew Sitters too busy pushing the KKK supported Proposition 2 to notice what was going on in Brownwood's own backyard ?

Brownwood PTSD:
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    Proposition 2:
    Posted on Fri, Nov. 04, 2005

    Lone Star State should be running away from Prop 2

    By Jack Z. Smith
    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    When it comes to treating gays and lesbians as the full-fledged human beings that they are, Texas is shamefully moving in the opposite direction of what it should be.
    Texas, and indeed the nation, should be passing civil rights legislation to ensure that people cannot suffer discrimination based on their sexual orientation -- whether that orientation is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or whatever.
    Such discrimination should be made illegal nationwide in areas such as employment, housing and public accommodations (hotels, restaurants and other facilities), just as federal law already bars many acts of discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion or national origin.
    Loving gay couples who want to formalize their commitments should have a legal right to enter into a marriage recognized by the state. In general, such couples should enjoy all the legal rights of heterosexual married couples.
    Instead, Texans will be voting Tuesday on Proposition 2, which would incorporate an already existing state statutory ban on gay marriage into the state constitution. If the amendment passes, as expected, it also might be used to further restrict legal rights of gays and lesbians.
    Unsurprisingly, Prop 2 can count among its most fervent supporters the Ku Klux Klan, which is scheduled to hold a Pro Family Values Rally on Saturday in Austin in favor of this mean-spirited amendment, which is grounded in ignorance and homophobia.
    So if you feel a strong philosophical kinship with those white-robed purveyors of hate and bigotry, you'll undoubtedly want to vote for Prop 2 in Tuesday's state constitutional amendments election.
    Hey, this could be a springboard for a political comeback by the KKK, which generally has been suffering from waning political influence for the past 80 years or so. Perhaps the Triple-Ks could even merge with the Texas Republican Party, a big promoter of Prop 2, and thus regain some real political clout.
    On the other hand, if you favor equal treatment of American adults and oppose discrimination against select groups that are small minorities in our society, you should proudly vote against Prop 2 -- and urge other family members and friends to do so.
    One of the many reasons I'm proud to live in Fort Worth is that it is among a minority of Texas cities with an ordinance barring discrimination against homosexuals in areas such as housing and employment. In most instances, it's no longer legal here to fire people or boot them out of an apartment merely because they are gay.
    I'm also proud to serve on a newspaper editorial board that has opposed Prop 2, and proud to be a nearly 40-year member of a profession that includes a variety of other Texas papers that have editorially rejected Prop 2.
    I am baffled by those heterosexual couples who say they feel that their marriage is "threatened" by the prospect of legalized gay marriage. If so, some of them must have rather insecure marriages. Perhaps counseling would help.
    As a heterosexual who plans to be enjoying his 35th wedding anniversary this coming spring, I find it downright laughable that any heterosexual couple would be "threatened" by the prospect of any loving gay couple formalizing their commitment with wedding vows.
    If marriage indeed is a worthy institution (and I think it is, despite the substantial U.S. divorce rate), we should be seeking to expand rather than restrict it, as the evil Prop 2 would do.

    Jack Z. Smith is a Star-Telegram editorial writer. (817) 390-7724