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Friday, November 11, 2005

NRA to File Lawsuit Challenging San Francisco Gun Ban

November 9, 2005

Dear Steve Harris:

Yesterday the voters of San Francisco, California voted to strip you of your gun rights.
They approved Proposition H, a measure banning the lawful possession, sale and manufacture of handguns and ammunition within city limits. They also banned the transfer of all rifles and shotguns, even among family members.
The effect of the measure is local but its supporters are sending a message across America that voters want to support gun bans at the ballot box. And they are hoping to spread that message to a politician near you.
If they are successful, they will spark a national feeding frenzy in the elite media, spreading the lie that there is no political support for our Second Amendment rights. And some local, state and federal lawmakers will believe them.
We have no intention of standing idly by while the anti-gun lobby tries to build momentum for gun ban measures in other communities.
No, we intend to strike down this ill-advised, clearly illegal and unconstitutional measure - before it spreads like wildfire. I hope we can count on your help.
In response to the passage of Proposition H, NRA is filing suit today to stop this unconstitutional ban.
This gun ban scheme not only violates federal constitutional guarantees, but also the California statute that gives the state sole authority to regulate firearms. But the outcome of any court proceeding is far from guaranteed.
We are bringing the finest legal minds and constitutional authorities to bear, and we will incur sizeable legal fees and expenses. But the defense of our Second Amendment rights demands no less. We will borrow the money if we have to...but we will fight this ban until freedom prevails.
Will you stand with us by making a one-time, online, secure contribution to help fund our legal battle? Please click here to make your secure, online contribution by credit card right now. Your donation of $100, $50, or $25 will replenish our financial firepower to ensure that we have the resources to fight this battle in the California courts and across the nation.
We will not stand idly by while the enemies of freedom conspire to undo our constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights. Your help in this most urgent matter is deeply appreciated.

Chris W. Cox
Executive Director, NRA-ILA

“You’ve got the NAACP working with the ACLU working with the NRA.”

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